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Build the 8 most important skills!

Happier, Smarter, Safer Kiddos

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Did you know that 80% of your little one’s brain development happens before the age of 10?

We’ve built a research-backed tool to help you build 8 essential skills in your little one.


Ensure your little one is set up to thrive!

How do you get started?

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Why wait?
Let's get you a Tilli Kit!

Accepting orders for English Kit (Only available in Sri Lanka)

Accepting Bulk orders for Tamil and Sinhala

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Tamil Kit.png

Minimum of 50 kits required for a bulk order

Why parents love us!


Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi

“ This is groundbreaking for children"

Kaavya Pathirana

"The impact of Tilli will be generational, and plays a very important hand in breaking cycles of abuse. Tilli is changing the world"

Manal Ibham

I was able to get a Tilli SEL kit for my niece (6yo). She loves it! The pack has very interactive learning resources which she enjoys a lot. She even reads the book to her little brothers!
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