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Build the skills that they need to thrive

Help your child grow their sense of agency, safety and well being in a way that's playful and fun.


Why Tilli?

Social-emotional learning is proven to help kids reduce conflict and increase healthy engagement and academic performance at school.


Field-tested learning tools- no research or prep time needed!


Science-based for parents and play-based for kids!


Growing stronger, more meaningful parent-child relationships

Peek inside the Tilli Kit

How does it work?



Order your Tilli kit! 



Open, explore, and follow the learning book's steps.

(Think of a storybook but 3x the fun.) 


Download the Tilli App to help your child reinforce the skills and for you to access important data and personalized tips.

Why wait?
Let's get you a Tilli Kit!

Accepting orders for English Kit (Only available in Sri Lanka)

Accepting Bulk orders for Tamil and Sinhala

Sinhala Kit.png
Tamil Kit.png

Minimum of 50 kits required for a bulk order

Tilli is now available on Google Play!

Download Tilli to your mobile phone!

Packed with engaging gamified learning and evidence-based strategies to help your child build all the core social-emotional skills! 

App Gif.gif

Why parents love us!


Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi

“ This is groundbreaking for children"

Kaavya Pathirana

"The impact of Tilli will be generational, and plays a very important hand in breaking cycles of abuse. Tilli is changing the world"

Manal Ibham

I was able to get a Tilli SEL kit for my niece (6yo). She loves it! The pack has very interactive learning resources which she enjoys a lot. She even reads the book to her little brothers!
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