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Tilli’s First Release on Google Play!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Emotional check-ins, healthy strategies, brain development games, and much more!

Hello from Tilli!

We are thrilled to officially release Tilli on Google Play!

If you’re an Android user: you can download Tilli through this link HERE

If you’re an IOS user: you can play through this web app link HERE

What is Tilli?

Tilli is a social-emotional learning tool for 5-12-year-olds and their parents/caregivers. We use play, games, and stories to help kids build 5 foundational social-emotional learning skills: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills.

Our secret sauce is behavior change - we bring together cutting-edge research in psychology and learning science to ensure kids apply what they learn to real life and ultimately build lifelong habits that help them thrive.

Why social-emotional learning you might ask?

Research has shown us that social-emotional learning when delivered to kids as early as possible can be a complete game changer. Simply put social-emotional learning a) equips kids to better understand their emotions, feelings, and thought processes (Self-awareness) b) build healthy habits to manage their own emotions (self-management) and how they react to the emotions of others (relationship building)

At the core of some of the critical skills we want our kids to build like empathy, kindness, creativity, and critical thinking is social-emotional learning.

Well, all of this sounds great! but where do we begin? This is where Tilli comes to play. We have built a structured, fun, and easy-to-use learning program. It’s like playing a game but x10 the impact.

What’s in our first release?

This release includes our foundational module on Feelings and Emotions and is carefully designed to build 2 core skills:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

Tilli's Learning Features and the science behind it!

Module 1 gives you and your kids an exciting challenge to win Tilli hearts and bonus points: a daily emotional check-in and a challenge to complete. It comes with 4 exciting learning features designed to boost a child’s cognitive growth

1. Learn:

Kids get to learn the 6 basic emotions, build a comprehensive emotional vocabulary and identify different indicators for each emotion.

Core skills: Self-awareness, emotional vocabulary building

2. Apply:

The kid gets 6 fun challenges where they get to apply what they had just learned to some real-life situations. (Active learning! Instead of passive consumption)

Core skills: Self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking

3. Reflect:

Then comes habit building. We adopt a gamified approach to encourage kids and their caregivers to do daily (or multiple) emotional check-ins. Kids get to check in with themselves, log in their emotions, and articulate why they might be feeling this way.

Core skills: Self-awareness, metacognition

4. Gamified Strategies:

Every time a child does an emotional check-in, we use cognitive behavioral therapy approaches called to recommend a healthy strategy for the child to practice that builds on one of the following muscles:

  • Awareness

  • Breathing

  • Coping

  • Distance

  • Expression

Core Skills: Self-management, mindfulness

When can a child use this module:

  • Wake-up ritual: to help the child start the day with mindfulness

  • Bed-time ritual: as a way for the child to reflect on their day and to share

  • Whenever the child is feeling a big emotion: as a way to calm down

Join Tilli and her friends now! It's easy as 123!

We’re excited to see how you and your little ones enjoy this latest Tilli release. Let us know, we’re always reachable by email ( or our socials.

With love,


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