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Build the 8 most important skills!

Happier, Smarter, Safer Kiddos

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Did you know that 80% of your little one’s brain development happens before the age of 10?

We’ve built a research-backed tool to help you build 8 essential skills in your little one.


Ensure your little one is set up to thrive!

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How to get started?


Learn on the app, on the floor OR BOTH

Just want the stories?

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Hi there!


I am so thrilled you’re here. I am the creator of Tilli and a learning researcher at Stanford University. Tilli is a result of all that we have learned about how kids learn best!

How can Tilli change your life?

Over 80% of parents who complete just one Tilli Module say they feel more connected with their little one!

How is Tilli built?

For every Tilli Module, we spend months looking at the most cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience. Then we bring our team of learning designers to build playful learning modules for parents like you!

Happy playing,

An easy to learn journey

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