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From Idea to Release: Virtual Oasis

Updated: Jan 12

Hello everyone! I am Ishani, a game designer at Tilli. It has been almost a year since I joined Tilli Kids as part of my Graduation Project. I was part of a project where Tilli joined forces with UNICEF to teach kids about Internet Safety, using a play-based teaching method.

Over the course of five months (January 2023 - May 2023), I visited a school (Riverside) in Ahmedabad, India, to have co-creating sessions with the teacher. This provided me with valuable insights into effective teaching methods.

A group of  10 kids and their parents helped me design an engaging, relevant learning experience by being part of play-test sessions.

10 kids and their parents took part in the development of the Internet Safety Module, by playtesting and providing valuable feedback on each feature.

You must be curious about what these modules are all about. So, there are 3 modules, each teaching one key point of being internet safe :

  1. Net, Set, Go - Discover the digital world. Learn what is real or not real on the net.

  2. Feelz Online - Explore emotions in the online sphere. Know which emotion is associated with comfort.

  3. Share with Care - Learn how to handle personal information online. Learn which information can be shared and which can not.

There were 7 versions of the content script created in 45 days! 

Hannah and Brian guided me in the creation of content. They constantly said ‘For creating an experience for kids, we must become kids or remind ourselves that we too were dumb.’ I had to constantly think if a 5 year old would understand the concept or word.

The response from parents, teacher, my college mentor and UNICEF was extremely positive. However no design is perfect, there are imperfections and improvements to be done always.

Since the end of the project in May 2023, I have been working with the Tilli team in improving the experience of the game, such as breaking down the content further. You can download the game and let us know what else can be improved.

One thing that kids loved was giving Digi a Hi-5.

If you are interested in reading more about the project, click on the link below:

You can play the game by downloading it from Google Play store or Apple Store.

Track the progress of your child from Grown Up’s Corner, find talking tips too.

Be a part of your child’s social and emotional development and help us make it easier for you.

Play with Tilli on Android and IOS! → Click HERE

With love,


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