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Tilli releases “Digi” - fun and playful game to help kids stay safe online

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

An exciting, play-based game, built by learning and safety experts to help 5-10 years olds build a comprehensive set of skills to stay safe, make smart choices and thrive in Digital Spaces. Built with support of UNICEF Innovation and IDEO, Riot Games, Sesame Workshop’s Digital Thriving Project.

Hello from Tilli and Digi!

I am thrilled to announce the first release of our brand-new gamified module on Digital Safety! If you’re a parent or teacher who has always wanted to have a conversation about staying safe online (everything from social media to dangerous links) but didn’t know where to start - I am here to help.

If you’re an Android user: you can download Tilli through this link HERE

If you’re an IOS user: you can play through this web app link HERE

What will your little one learn after completing this module?

This special module has been carefully designed by learning experts with fun games, interactive learning and playful assessments to help children develop 5 foundational skills:

  1. Social Awareness to understand what the digital world means and looks like

  2. Critical Thinking Skills to differentiate between real vs fake content, private vs public information, and trusted individuals vs. those who are not

  3. Self Awareness to recognize situations that are risky, unsafe or uncomfortable

  4. Self Management on being a kind, responsible, and aware digital citizen

  5. Responsible decision-making to take the right course of action when faced with an unsafe situation online

What’s in this release?

Our first release for the Digital Safety module, which covers two core topics:

  • Identifying what is real or fake online.

  • Understanding what content can and cannot be shared online.

Take a sneak peek into the game

For this release, you get access to 4 gamified learning chapters:

  • Explore the Virtual Oasis; a digital museum with Digi. Kids learn about the world of the internet, what the ‘digital’ world means and how to be safe in it.

Core Skills: Social Awareness, Critical Thinking Skills

  • Meet Digi! Your tour guide. Kids learn with Digi about how the real world versus digital world differ and what can and cannot be done in the digital world.

Core Skills: Critical Thinking Skills

  • Play Detective: Look for clues and spot fake content. Kids practice a toolkit that helps them build strong mental models around identifying fake content and misinformation on the internet - how to spot them and what to do?

Core Skills: Critical Thinking Skills, Responsible Decision Making

  • A responsible digital hero: What will you do? Kids learn how to differentiate between private versus public information and what responsible sharing looks like on the internet.

Core Skills: Self Awareness, Critical Thinking Skills

We’re excited to see how you and your little ones enjoy this latest Tilli release. Let us know, we’re always reachable by email ( or our socials.

With love,


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