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Tilli releases Trust Module: Learn to trust with Tilli!

Hello from Tilli!

We have exciting news! We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new module focused on building two foundational skills! In this exciting adventure, Tilli will have the opportunity to learn all about trust from her friend Sara.

We understand that explaining the concept of trust to a child can be challenging, but rest assured, we've got you covered. With this specially designed module, your child will embark on a captivating learning experience, discovering the importance of trust and how to determine who to trust in their daily lives.

If you’re an Android user: you can download Tilli through this link HERE

What’s in this release?

Let’s see what the child will learn

Sara will teach Tilli and the child:

  1. The meaning of trust.

  2. Understanding trust circles

  3. How to determine who to trust.

  4. Who to trust and how much?

Let's dive deeper into what these mean,

The meaning of trust:

  • Learn about trust through situations. These situations are carefully created such that the child can relate and draw parallels in their real life.

Core Skills: Social Awareness, Self Awareness

Understanding trust circles:

  • Once the child is familiarized with the term ‘Trust’, we introduce them to the concept of trust circles i.e. zones of trust.

  • The child will see how Sara and Tilli place people into their trust circles and how they do so.

  • The 3 circles are - High Trust, Low Trust and No Trust.

Core Skills: Social Awareness, Critical Thinking Skills

How to determine who to trust:

  • The trust module will equip the child with knowledge about how they can check themselves if they can trust someone.

  • 4 questions will be presented to them which will give the child an idea on how they can test someone.

  • The 4 questions are:

    • Can they count on the other person in tough times?

    • Does the other person always tell them the truth?

    • Would they feel safe sharing a secret with the other person?

    • Will the other person make them feel happy and safe?

Core Skills: Self Management, Critical Thinking Skills, Responsible Decision Making

Who to trust and how much?:

  • The child will be able to apply their learnings by helping Tilli place more people into her trust circles.

  • The child will be presented with situations that Tilli faced and how she felt during.

  • The child will later be shown a few other situations where they must choose the correct person to involve in that situation.

Core Skills: Critical Thinking Skills, Responsible Decision Making, Relationships Skills

As Tilli navigates through various situations and interactions, she will unravel the significance of trustworthiness and its impact on friendships and relationships. Through engaging activities and heartfelt conversations, your child will gain valuable insights into what it means to be dependable, honest, and reliable.

In the end, the child must be able to reflect on their learning in real life. We help them by asking them about their personal relationships, starting with a best friend.

Based on that, you can understand how they feel around their bestfriend.

It is important for the child to express their gratitude to the person they trust the most. So they will make a heart or draw something for them, they will be encouraged to share their creation too.

Empower your child with the knowledge to recognize trustworthy individuals and make informed decisions about the people they can confide in and rely on.

We’re excited to see how you and your little ones enjoy this latest Tilli release. Let us know, we’re always reachable by email ( or our socials.

With love,


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